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10 Trees Perfectly Suited to Smaller Gardens

Many amateur landscapers assume that when dealing with smaller spaces, it’s best to leave trees out of the equation. They see trees in general as a whole plant category which is somewhat inaccessible. Which would of course be wise in the case of the largest species and specimens out there. After all, planting a towering oak tree with just a few square metres to play with wouldn’t be wise.

Nevertheless, there are various examples of naturally smaller trees that are absolutely perfect for smaller gardens. Some of which have become firm favourites with leading landscapers on a global basis.

So if presented with a comparatively small space to work with, you just need a little creativity. The following 10 trees should definitely not be written off without first being considered:

1. Serviceberry

Also commonly referred to as Saskatoon and sugar-plum, the serviceberry tree typically grows no larger than a sizeable shrub. Even at such a small size, it is able to produce an abundance of the most gorgeous fruit. Come harvest, you’ll be treated to a fruit that bears a strong likeness to the more common blueberry. A favourite among landscapers all over the world for its robustness and generosity.

2. Crape Myrtle

Where soil conditions aren’t perfect, crape myrtle represents a safe and forgiving option. Throughout the spring and summer, a healthy specimen produces the most vivid and vibrant flowers. They vary in colour from immaculate white to the most dramatic fuchsia, creating a quite incredible effect. Landscapers never fail to recommend this stunning specimen for even the smallest of gardens.

3. Dogwood

Though some varieties of dogwood grow to rather large sizes, others can be kept compact and under control. Along with producing beautiful white, pink and red flowers, dogwood is also great for bringing any number of species of wildlife to the garden. It’s for this reason that landscapers looking to attract wildlife often single out dogwood as a prime choice.

4. Japanese Maple

Those looking to create a year-round garden would be wise to consider the out-of-season benefits of the Japanese maple. It may not be particularly spectacular during the spring and summer, during which time it displays modest greens. Nevertheless, the way the leaves burst into life during the autumn is simply astonishing. The perfect specimen to bring beauty and brilliance into a garden throughout the entire year.

5. Witchhazel

Likewise, witchhazel is great for bringing a garden a burst of colour and vibrancy during the cooler months of the year. Ideal for landscapers working with limited space, most specimens remain small enough for compact gardens. They also tend to be durable and forgiving, so are great in regions with imperfect weather conditions.

6. Elderberry

In terms of aesthetics, flavour and surprising simplicity, elderberry trees are extremely rewarding. They’re also relatively forgiving when it comes to growing conditions and soil quality. Not to mention the fact that they’re very easy to keep under control and suitable for smaller outdoor spaces.

7. Apple

As for the humble apple, there are plenty of dwarf apple tree variants that occupy minimal space. Some of which can also produce harvests more generous than you might expect for their size. A great addition to a small garden that gives far more than it takes!

8. Fig

A new staple among discerning foodies, there’s no need to pay for figs when it’s so easy to grow your own. Contrary to popular belief, not all fig tree varieties can only be grown in regions with Mediterranean climate or better. Some are perfectly suited to smaller gardens in much cooler northern climates.

9. Vitex

The enchanting fragrance and purple flowers produced by the vitex tree can bring any garden of any size to life. Folklore also tells tales of vitex leaves serving as effective herbal aphrodisiacs when chewed! We can’t vouch for this, but we can certainly confirm its popularity among landscapers.

10. Redbud

Last up, while a good deal of maintenance is required to keep a redbud tree under control, doing so is more than worth the effort. The purples, pinks, reds and whites produced during the springtime are nothing short of stunning.

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2 comments on “10 Trees Perfectly Suited to Smaller Gardens

  1. Davina Harrison says:


    I am looking to buy Red Robin Standards 7ft tall and am looking for 4 of the same height/size.
    If you have any in stock could you please let me have a price. Many thanks,

    • ladybrook says:

      Hi Davina, for trade enquiries you are best to call us on 0161 440 8060 or send us an email on . Thanks.

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