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Landscapers: Why Deal Directly with a Wholesale Plant Nursery?

Many gardeners and landscapers at a variety of levels rarely give a second through to the suppliers of their plants and flowers. Rather than working with a specialist wholesale plant nursery, they use the same kinds of stores and stockists as everyday shoppers.

However, it isn’t until landscapers begin working with a wholesale plant nursery that you realise just how advantageous it can be. Particularly if you are working at an advanced or commercial level, making the switch to wholesale plant nurseries really can make all the difference.

The obvious question of course being, how?

Better Variety for Landscapers

For one thing, the variety you can expect in terms of plant species is always going to be much higher. But it’s not only about variety, as rarity and exclusivity also come into the equation. For obvious reasons, you are far more likely to find rare, prestigious and simply stunning plants at a specialist wholesale plant nursery. Standard garden centres have their place and purpose, but often disappoint when it comes to rare specimens. What’s more, there’s also usually the possibility of placing specialist orders for the kinds of blooms that would otherwise be largely inaccessible. So for those looking to create true outdoor masterpieces, the wholesale plant nursery is the only way to go.

Unrivalled Expertise

In addition, it’s also worth bearing in mind how those who own and operate these nurseries have experience and expertise that counts for so much.  Regardless of the size, type or complexity of the garden you are working on, there is no better source for expert advice and support. The kind of information that really could make all the difference. Of course, it’s not to say that basic information cannot be picked up from most garden centres. However, working directly with the professionals means gaining access to comprehensively professional advice. Once again, this can be of particularly high value when dealing with rarer and unusual plants. As they may have equally unusual care and maintenance requirements, it pays to consult with the experts.

Inspiration and Experience

For projects of all shapes and sizes, a high-end wholesale plant nursery can be worth its weight in gold. When in need of a little inspiration at any stage in the process, who better to speak to? Whether mapping out an initial vision or already at an advanced stage, help is always on-hand.

Outstanding Quality

Another big difference between a wholesale plant nursery and standard retailers is the overall quality of the plants provided. The same can also be said about the guarantees of quality that back every sale. Suffice to say, something that is often absent from the equation with standard garden centres.  For landscapers to pick up plants from a reputable wholesale plant nursery is to make an investment in guaranteed quality. The importance of which is intensified if looking to place a large or particularly expensive order. It’s always good to know that if you’re dissatisfied, your money is safe.

Stocks and Availability

Something else to consider is the overall availability and reliability of stocks at a wholesale plant nursery. Specialist retailers sell plants in much larger quantities, therefore are required to keep larger quantities on-hand. So while it’s common for the standard garden centre to run short on key products, it simply doesn’t apply here. For professional gardeners in particular, getting hold of important products without delay can be critically important.

The Lowest Prices

Last but not least, even when the same plants are available through a standard retailer, there’s one important factor to take into account. When you buy from a wholesaler, you are generally guaranteed the lowest possible prices.  Particularly if you buy in bulk, you could be looking at a means by which to stretch your overall budget significantly further. In so many instances, standard stores and retailers simply serve as middlemen and resellers – all of which means higher prices for the same plants. So if you’d prefer to keep costs to an absolute minimum while maintaining the highest quality standards, we’d be delighted to hear from you!

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