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Late-Season Flowering Plants for a Brighter Autumn

Contrary to popular belief, the end of the summer doesn’t have to mean the end of brightness and colour for your garden. It’s at this time of year that savvy garden designers begin focusing on a variety of late-season flowering plants.  The kinds of plants that can keep your garden looking beautiful well into the autumn.

But what’s also great about the following examples is that they are all taken from the RHS list of ‘plants for pollinators’. Which means that along with working wonders for your garden, they also provide a source of nectar and pollen for insects. Plants that look good and make you feel good – the perfect combination for conscientious garden designers.

So if you’d like to know how to brighten up your garden throughout the autumn, give thought to any of the following late-flowering favourites:

Hardy Plumbago

First up, Ceratostigma plumbaginoides produces the most beautiful blue flowers from the end of the summer season into autumn. But it’s not just the flowers that serve as a spectacle for your garden – the leaves of Hardy Plumbago also take on the most beautiful shade of red. Suffice to say, the contrast between the two colours is no less than incredible. It’s also incredibly easy to grow – so much so that it needs careful monitoring to prevent it spreading out of control. As such, it’s a firm favourite among garden designers for growing in pots and planters, along with any borders that get a good amount of late-summer sunshine.

Salvia ‘Blue Enigma’

Just as long as it gets a decent amount of sunshine, Salvia ‘Blue Enigma’ will begin producing blooms toward the middle of the summer and will continue right up until the early winter. The blue flowers are wonderfully delicate and pretty, while the plant itself can reach an impressive height of about 150cm. Though it can technically withstand temperatures as low as -10, it does best in slightly milder soil with good drainage. Also a great choice for larger pots and planters around the garden.

Clematis ‘Cassandra’

Treat Clematis ‘Cassandra’ to a sunny spot and it will reward you with fragrant, hyacinth-like flowers in generous numbers. It grows in compact mounds to about the size of a small shrub and it is highly resistant to the changeable temperatures of the autumn. Pro garden designers love its low-maintenance nature – a quick pre-spring cutback is usually all it demands.

Anemone ‘Honorine Jobert’

When the best autumn garden designers are looking for something elegant, they often flock instinctively the way of this little gem. They present a beautiful combination of bright yellows and pure whites when in bloom. They’re a great choice for complementing other more vibrant and bold autumn flowers across the board. Though it has to be said that the flowers are at their most striking when framed with dark green foliage or a hedge.

Aster ‘Little Carlow’

Get it right with Little Carlow and you’ll be treated to an enchanting haze of colour throughout the autumn. The flowers closely resemble daisies in shape, though take on the most wonderful pale purple colour with bright yellow centres. They’re happy in the sun, but can also deal with partial shade.

Crocus ‘Conqueror’

Contrary to popular belief, the humble crocus isn’t a springtime-only flower. In fact, quite a few varieties fare fantastically during the cooler autumn months. This example is a particular favourite among garden designers for its beautiful violet-blue blooms with contrasting orange centres. Easy to look after and so much more durable than you’d probably expect from a crocus.

Dahlia ‘Honka’

These things pack all the brightness and beauty you’d typically associate with the first weeks of spring. Beautiful yellow flowers with striking pointed petals serve as magnets for bees and other insects. Planted during the summer, they’ll continue flowering throughout the autumn until the first frost hits.

Bugbane ‘Hillside Black Beauty’

Last but not least, Black Beauty is a staple among garden designers for creating dramatic and contrasting backdrops. The foliage takes on the most intense dark purple tones, while the white flowers with a hint of pink stand proudly on delicate stems. In partial shade or full sun, it largely takes care of itself and keeps on giving, well into the autumn.

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