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How to Create a Kid-Friendly Garden

It goes without saying that teaching your kids about gardening can be beneficial in a multitude of ways. Along with enriching them with valuable knowledge and experience, you yourself also benefit from a second pair of hands! Even something as simple as a trip to a trade plant nursery can be incredibly enjoyable for kids of all ages.

Introducing your kids to gardening can help teach them about nutrition, the basics of science and the importance of responsibility. Exploring a trade plant nursery can introduce them to any number of interesting plant species, while a wander around the garden centre can be genuinely inspiring. As such, it simply makes sense to make concerted efforts to create a kid-friendly garden, if and when kids are likely to be making use of it.

So fresh from the experts at your favourite trade plant nursery, here’s a quick rundown of just a few tips and tricks for creating an outstanding kid-friendly garden:

1.     Involve your kids in every aspect of its planning.

Rather than simply creating the ideal garden for your kids, it can be so much more rewarding to have them play a role in every step of its planning and creation from scratch. Sit down with them and brainstorm designs, take them to a trade plant nursery to select their own choice of plants and ensure they know just how valued and important their contribution is.

2.     Teach them the science of gardening.

As already mentioned, introducing kids to gardening can be a great way of familiarising them with the basics of science. Not to such an extent that the whole thing becomes a chore, but simply as an opportunity to show them how things work.

3.     Their own tools and accessories.

In order for your kids to play a role in the creation of their perfect garden, they are going to need to get directly involved and get their hands dirty. For obvious reasons, adult gardening tools are not exactly ideal – hence the importance of providing them with their own tools and accessories. Which you should be able to pick up from a larger trade plant nursery or garden centre.

4.     Choose your plants wisely. Speaking of which

The last thing you want is to involve your kids in the creation of a garden that is either too difficult to look after or is doomed to failure from day one. Roughly translated – be extremely strategic when visiting your chosen trade plant nursery and choose only the kinds of plants that are inherently easy to look after.  Ideally those that produce the most spectacular results for the minimum input.

5.     Grow fruits and vegetables.

For adults and kids alike, the most satisfying plants of all are those that produce edible results. You can rest assured that the first time your kids tuck into anything and everything they have grown themselves, you will never have seen them so proud of their accomplishments. So once again, consider your available options carefully when visiting your chosen trade plant nursery and think about the kinds of plants that produce edible results.

6.     Scrapbooking.

Involving your kids in the creation of a garden can also be a great opportunity to nurture an interest in scrap booking. Have them keep a journal of their gardening activities, take photos of the things they do along the way and generally document their experiences.

7.     Bees, birds and butterflies.

You will also find that kids in general get a real kick out of the kinds of plants, flowers and garden additions that encourage wildlife to pay them a visit. As such, it’s worth thinking about what you can plant, build or introduce to the garden that is likely to bring in more bees, birds and butterflies. Or better yet, perhaps a friendly local hedgehog or two!

8.     Playtime.

Last but not least, always try to ensure that the time and effort invested in the creation of a beautiful garden is rewarded with plenty of outdoor play time. Once again, the last thing you want is for your kids to begin looking at your garden and gardening in general as some kind of chore. It should all be about fun and games – never taking things too seriously.



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