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New Year’s Gardening Resolutions for All Four Seasons

We’re not the types to preach and when it comes to New Year’s resolutions…well, who doesn’t break more than they keep?

Nevertheless, as a customer-focused trade plant nursery that likes to go the extra mile, we thought we’d share with our customers a few of our favourite gardening-based resolutions for 2018. The good news being that in all instances, they’re comprehensively painless and perhaps even enjoyable!

So if looking for inspiration as to how to get the most from your garden this year, take a tip or two from your friendly local trade plant nursery!

Winter Resolutions

  • Give your feathered friends a slightly easier ride this winter by hanging a bird feeder. And of course, making sure it is regularly topped-up!
  • Everybody knows they should be making the effort to compost, though most continue to do no such thing. So, why not build your own compost bin this winter?
  • Talk to a reliable trade plant nursery to discuss which plants you can get started with as early as possible and begin enjoying your garden from the early spring.
  • Be proactive when it comes to snowfalls and icy conditions, in order to protect your more delicate plants and flowers.

Spring Resolutions

  • Make now the time to plant one or more fruit trees around the garden. Sure, they take time to reach fruition, but the sooner you get them started, the better!
  • Take the time to test your soil and find out just what kind of condition it’s in, along with which plants are best suited to its properties. The experts at our trade plant nursery can help point you in the right direction, if you need a little assistance.
  • Remove synthetic fertilisers and pesticides from the equation, making the switch to 100% organic products for the year ahead.
  • Enjoy the most delicious food imaginable and reduce your grocery bills significantly by planting your own herbs.
  • Head to a trade plant nursery and take the plunge with some entirely new specimens you aren’t currently familiar with. Getting out of your comfort zone really can be enormously rewarding.
  • And while you’re at it, why not order the supplies you’ll need to begin growing your own mushrooms?
  • Spring is the perfect time to begin adding window boxes to your home, your balcony or your fence, so feel free to do so!

Summer Resolutions

  • When the summer rolls around, preserve as much precious water as you can by installing a rain barrel and collection system.
  • Encourage bees and beneficial bugs into your garden by planting the kinds of flowers that attract pollinators. We’ve got all the specimens you could ever wish for right here at our local trade plant nursery.
  • Stop throwing away those precious grass clippings and use them as an effective form of natural mulch for your lawn.
  • With the weather at its best, there’s no better time to introduce your kids to a variety of simple yet important chores and responsibilities around the garden.
  • Take the time to learn how to differentiate between good and bad bugs, in accordance with your chosen plants and blooms.
  • Put as much available space to use as possible with pots and containers for your patio, decking, balcony and so on.
  • Appreciate every opportunity to spend time outdoors, as it won’t be long before the winter weather rolls around once again!

Autumn Resolutions

  • Consider reducing the size of your lawn and installing additional dining, relaxation or purely decorative areas.
  • Always remember that most varieties of lettuce (and plenty of other greens) can be grown throughout the autumn, so don’t give up on the veggies just yet!
  • Perhaps introduce berry-bearing shrubs and trees to the garden to give the local birds something to eat throughout the season.
  • Resolve not to waste a scrap of anything you harvest by learning how to preserve like a pro.
  • If you do end up with excess fruits, vegetables or herbs of any kind, donate them to friends, relatives, workmates, neighbours and so on – no waste this year!
  • Visit a trade plant nursery and pick up a few winter-ready specimens to keep your garden looking great over the weeks and months to come.

And there you have it – just a few simple suggestions from the folks here at your local trade plant nursery on how you can get even more out of your garden throughout 2018!

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