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Walled Garden Series: Places to take Inspiration from in the UK

Last month saw the release of Jules Hudson’s best seller, “Walled Gardens”, a wonderful book giving us insight into the world of walled gardens throughout England and Wales and explores their history, innovative design and cultural heritage.

The love of walled gardens seems to be on the rise this year, so this month sees the introduction to our walled garden series. This week we are looking at gardens around the UK for you to take inspiration from and bring back to your clients.

Houghton Lodge Gardens

Spread over fourteen acres, Houghton Lodge is surrounded by trees and lawns reaching down towards the banks of River Test and is “arguably one of the most beautiful privately owned walled gardens to visit in Hampshire.”

If you are looking for anywhere for kitchen garden inspiration then look no further. The walled garden encloses espalier fruit trees within a historical chalk cob wall which protects thirty two varieties of apple tree. There is a herb garden, fruit cage and raised beds for vegetables. The colours and scents of the 300 foot herbaceous border are inspiring upon first sight.

Rufford Old Hall

If you are looking for the neatness of Tudor inspiration, then Rufford Old Hall is the place to be. Autumn is when the garden will fully flourish, with fruits ripening for harvest and the leaves from the Virginia Creeper transforming from deep greens to fiery reds within a matter of days. Autumn crocus make an appearance to offer a cool, lilac and white contrast, adding to the colours that flourish here.

Brodsworth Hall

Brodsworth Hall is home to one of the most inspiring Victorian walled gardens in the UK. With an array of tunnels, bridges and surprising paths, Brodsworth is full of ideas for those who wish to turn their garden into a place of wonder and adventure. The years of neglect prior to restoration has even come with its advantages. The density of the foliage has protected the bones of the mid-Victorian design beneath and lack of mowing has welcomed a botanical ocean of wildflowers.

Arundel Castle

Colours go a long way at Arundel Castle, which is home to the Tulip Festival being held this year. If you’re looking for inspiration from wonderful water features, then take a stroll though The Collector Earls Garden, where Tulips and Agapanthus bloom in large terracotta pots along the water. A tropical theme is implemented, ideal if you are looking to take ideas for bringing sunny vibes to the garden.

Burton Agnes Hall

Burton Agnes Hall is home to award winning walled gardens with over four thousand species of plants. With a maze, oversized games, a jungle garden and more, there are so many elements to take away from your visit here. This is an ideal place to take a look at if you are getting a bit of gardeners block.

The Castle and Gardens of Mey

Previously owned by the Queen Mother, these walled gardens provide an array of flowers and shrubbery that has been maintained since the land was purchased by the Queen Mother in 1952. There is a kitchen garden with a variety of foods to take inspiration from and is used by Prince Charles when he is visiting. However, if you wished to taste the fruits and vegetables grown here, you are able to do so at the plant stall outside of the greenhouse.

Abbotsford House and Gardens

The garden at Abbotsford is truly one of a kind. Designed to have the appearance of three outdoor “rooms”, the garden is compact with colour, details and fragrance. Within the walls you can take in the history of Sir Walter Scott, follow the gothic staircase leading to the meadow and find the greenhouse designed to imitate a medieval jousting tent. These gardens are wonderful if you’re aiming to design something truly one of a kind.

There are so many wonderful walled gardens around the UK that you can take ideas and inspiration from, but these are just a few of our picks. If you are looking to put together a wonderful walled garden for your client, check out what we have to offer at our nursery and get in touch if you have any queries.


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