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Statement Pieces

Japanese Bonsai - Ladybrook


The art of bonsai originated in Japan in the middle ages, shaping and clipping the trees to achieve a particular look. Full of character, and often over 30 years old, they can add a statement to any project.


Another traditional art practiced for centuries across Europe. Individual shapes such as animals, chess pieces or geometrical shapes are common. Also parterres are created in intricate patterns with taller shaped pieces interspersed in the pattern.



Specialty Trees

We have a wide variety of specialty trees to choose from at our large site in Bramhall.  We love working with clients to select statement pieces, and there are plenty to be found here.




Pleached Trees

Pleaching is an ancient art which has been carried forward in to the 21st century. These trees normally would be grown on clear stem at 1.5 or 2 metre clear stems and usefully extend a low hedge up to 3-4 metres high or more.


Our experience has been that everyone cherishes their own boundaries, whether for a few acres of just a few square metres. There is a hedging plant for every situation. A hedge of mixed native plants is often a requirement of local planning authorities whilst for formal gardens the classical English Yew is often used. The hedging plant needs to be chosen according to what is required for clipping. Taller hedging up to six metres is available too for large scale screening.



Large Trees

The English landscape is incomplete without trees. Used as a framework for the garden, they provide height, shelter and screening; designers will often settle on the trees first and build up a tapestry of plants around them to complete the final garden atmosphere.





This range of plants provide constant colour from early April until the frosts arrive in October. It is in fact possible to have flowers in the garden almost twelve months of the year starting with Cyclamen in January through October/November with plants like Schizostylis. Used as in-fills between garden shrubs acting as a foil to the flowers, a garden is hardly complete without them.


Enjoying a huge popularity just now with flower spikes often over two metres tall. They provide coloured foliage varying from steely blue to fiery red; a stunning effect is created with wind creating an ever constant changing pattern of movement.




Shrubs are excellent for adding texture and character to a planting scheme. Often having woody stems, they tend to be quite short offering good ground coverage. Shrubs also tend to respond well to pruning, offering further opportunity to create distinctive shapes adding a differentiator to your project.





Climbers add a third dimension to a garden, allowing the designer to clothe unsightly sheds or outhouses with foliage and flowers. So many climbers are scented it is often difficult to choose which one to use!


Ferns are often neglected by many gardeners, probably through the lack of knowledge about how versatile they are. There is a variety for every situation - damp, dry, shady and everything in between. The subtle various shades of green though bronze and silver on some varieties deserve consideration everytime.




Typically formed by upright growing canes, bamboos vary from dwarf 20cm plants to jungle giants up to 5 - 6 metres. Although some can be invasive, they serve a very useful purpose providing form and texture in the garden. The coloured stems are particularly beautiful varying from dark green through to black and even bright gold in colour.